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We want to build and support strong, active and inclusive communities across the Parish to encourage people to take an active part in making decisions, delivering and influencing services across the Parish.

Southwater Leisure Centre

Fitness, sport and health - improve your fitness or continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Adult Activities at the Centre

There is a wide range of organised sporting and leisure activities available on at your Leisure Centre. These are shown below and are on the leaflet attached.  Copies of our excercise timetable are available at the Leisure Centre.  

If you would like further information on an activity shown please click on it and you will be directed to more detail.  Alternatively, call Southwater Leisure Centre direct  on 01403 733208 for more information about classes and activities. 

In addition to these organised activities we have badminton courts, table tennis tables and a sports hall for individual hire.  Hirings/lettings are subject to the Council's Hire Agreement being entered into and at the Council's discretion.  Please see below for our April 2016 price list.  To book a room/court please contact our booking representative on 01403 733202 or email

Opening hours at the Centre are from 6am to 10pm (weekdays) and 9am to 6pm (weekends).

Adult Activities - Fitness Classes


Tuesday @ 6.00pm


Monday @ 7.30pm & Thursday 9.15am


Wednesday 7.30am

Fighting Fit

Thursday @ 6.00pm


Tuesday @ 1.00pm

Legs Bums & Tums               

Monday @ 6.30pm

Exercise to Music (50+)

Wednesday @ 10.00am

Boot Camp

Tuesday @ 7.15pm

Stretch Fit

Wednesday @ 7.30pm


Tuesday @ 9.30am

Tea Dance

2nd & 4th Friday of each month


Sunday & 10.00am

Walking Football                          

Friday @ 10.30am
















Martial Arts

Tuesday evenings


Wednesday evenings

Southwater Art Club

Alternate Monday & Wednesday                               

Southwater Bowls Club (indoor)

Tuesday afternoons

Southwater Bowls Club (outdoor)

Summer season

Southwater Badminton Club matches         

Thursday evenings

Horsham Judo Club

Tuesday and Thursday evenings


Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings













Fitness Classes

Circuits is run by Tim at the Leisure Centre  on Tuesdays 6:00pm to 7:00pm  |  Costs   £6.60 (N/M)    £5.25 (PAYG)     Direct debit (DD) members are free.  Places are limited - please prebook. 

Pilates takes place at the Leisure  Centre on Monday 7:30pm - 8:30pm and Thursday morning  9:15am -10:15am  | Costs £6.60 (N/M)    £5.25 (PAYG) Direct debit (DD) members are free.    Places are limited - please prebook. 

Zumba - This exercise class takes place at the Centre on Tuesday 9:30am | Costs   £6.60 (N/M)    £5.25 (PAYG)     Direct debit (DD) members are free.    Places are limited - please prebook. 

Yoga- Join Judy every Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm for yoga.  | Costs   £6.60 (N/M)    £5.25 (PAYG)     Direct debit (DD) members are free

Exercise to Music is a class for the 50+ and is run by Sue. It takes place on Wednesday 10:00am to 11.00am | Costs £4.05. (Includes a hot drink) Diurect Debit (DD) members are free 

TRX class Wednesday 7.30am- 8.30am | Costs   £6.60 (N/M)    £5.25 (PAYG)     Direct debit (DD) members are free.    With only 8 places available you must  prebook. 

Fighting Fit is run on Tuesday 7:30-8:30am, Thursday evening  6:00pm -7:00pm | Costs   £6.60 (N/M)    £5.25 (PAYG)     Direct debit (DD) members are free.    Places and equipment are limited - please prebook. 

Tea Dance is run on 2nd and 4th Friday afternoon  of each month from 1:30pm to 3:45pm by Colin and Margret. Cost is £4.70 per person and it includes a hot drink.

Archery takes place on most Sundays 10am - 12noon | Cost is £13.00 for 2 hours, and is for all abilities. Equipment is limitied so all sessions must be pre-booked.

Other Adult Activities

All the activities shown below you pay the instructor or group leader.

  • Martial Arts on Tuesday evenings is run by John Gardner and is very popular. If you would like more information please call us and we will put you in touch with him.

  • Karate on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings is run by Don. If you are interested in this activity then call us for more information

  • Southwater Art Club meet at Southwater Leisure Centre alternate Mondays and Wednesdays from 1.30pm to 4pm

  • Southwater Bowls have a thriving indoor and outdoor Club. Indoor Bowls takes place on Tuesday afternoons whilst outdoor bowls takes place on the superb green during the summer months. If you are looking for a club to join please call us and we can put you in touch with the Bowls Club secretary.

  • Southwater Badminton Club play their home matches at the Centre on Thursday evenings. If you are a competitive player and are looking for a team to play for just call us and we can put you in touch with their captain.

  • Horsham Judo (adults) train at the Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays after the junior training finishes at 7pm. If you are looking for a friendly group to train with then turn up on one of those days and join in or call us and we will put you in touch with Derek - their coach.

  • WeightWatchers takes place on Tuesday evenings 6.30pm - 7.30pm and Thursday mornings 10am - 11am. Call us for more information.



Contact  01403 733208 | email



 N/M = non member; PAYG = Pay as you go, DD = Direct Debit member


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