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We want to build and support strong, active and inclusive communities across the Parish to encourage people to take an active part in making decisions, delivering and influencing services across the Parish.


Change to the Designated Neighbourhood Plan Area


It was necessary to reapply for re-designation following the changes to the parish boundaries which came in to effect on the 7 May 2015.

The proposed revision to the designated Neighbourhood Area was needed to enable Southwater Parish Council to continue with the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan for the new parish area.

Below is a copy of the application form and other material along with confirmation that this change was authorised. 



Let's work together to plan together 

20 March 2016 Application Form re change to area

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 130 KB

Southwater Parish Plan Area

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 135 KB

16 May 2016 Approval Letter

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 42 KB

16 May 2016 Report on Plan Area

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 112 KB

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