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We want to build and support strong, active and inclusive communities across the Parish to encourage people to take an active part in making decisions, delivering and influencing services across the Parish.


Bookings - 01403 733202

Easteds Barn is a fantastic barn with a modern exterior.  The interior is light and airy in the style of a 16th Century Barn with magnificent wooden timbers and beams.

There is adequate parking for 30 cars. The facility has a main hall, fitted kitchen including fridge and cooking facilities. The Parish Council's office can provide a list of  local catering suppliers, entertainers and venue dressers. 

Capacity for 100 people standing and 80 people seated. Suitable for weddings, birthdays, christenings , product launch nights and any other social occasion. 

The facility is wholly owned by Southwater Parish Council. Hiring/Lettings are subject to the Council's Hire Agreement being entered into and at the Council's discretion.

To make an enquiry about bookings for this building, please contact 01403 733202 or email:

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Community organisations must be locally (Southwater Parish) based and either be a charity or a non profit making organisation with the exception of bookings by a County or District Council who are considered by the Parish Council to be a community organisation. All such organisations will be required to complete the Parish Council Booking Form and comply with the Terms and Conditions of Hire.

Commercial organisations wishing to hire any Council premises, should hold at least £5M Public Liability Insurance Cover, (£10M is required for high risk activities - if in doubt, please check when booking), provide a copy of their insurance certificate to this effect and provide a risk assessment in addition to the completion of the relevant bookings forms and comply with the Terms and Conditions of Hire.

To make an enquiry about bookings for this building, please contact Mrs Lynn Hully - 01403 733202 or Email:






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