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We want to build and support strong, active and inclusive communities across the Parish to encourage people to take an active part in making decisions, delivering and influencing services across the Parish.

SWAT Walks

Walk Summaries

A complete list of all walks, including summaries of the walk, transport links & the maps themselves to download are available below. The downloadable maps contain an A4 full colour map &  separateA4 page of instructions.






Walk 8

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 683 KB

Walk 7

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 602 KB

Walk 5 and 6

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 603 KB

Walk 4

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 801 KB

Walk 3

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 631 KB

Walk 2

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 453 KB

Walk 1

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 680 KB

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