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We want to build and support strong, active and inclusive communities across the Parish to encourage people to take an active part in making decisions, delivering and influencing services across the Parish.

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* Appointments may be made with the Clerk and outside of these opeining hours please contact or telephone 01403 733202

News Release

February 2018


Southwater Parish Council has agreed an amount of £509,107 for its part of the Council Tax for the 2018/19 Financial Year, once again this was not an easy decision to make as it affects in some way all residents of the Parish.

The Parish Council’s element of the Council Tax will increase from £93.30 for a Band D property in 2017/18 to £117.00 for 2018/19 which equates to a total rise of £0.46 (Band D) per week per household.

Councillor Graham Watkins, stated "that having consulted residents in December 2017 on the need to raise further monies for both the upkeep and maintenance of Council owned public realm and buildings together with the issue of community wardens, it was the view of the Council that following the success of wardens at Ashington and Pulborough that Southwater’s community could benefit from such a scheme. This scheme, alongside the proposed building maintenance and improvements to the public realm would ensure that facilities in Southwater are maintained to a high standard.

As previously reported, the Council has used its Reserves to support the budget in previous year prior to 2017/18 to keep the Council Tax increases between 3-5%; it can no longer do this, we are therefore looking at new income generators.

Southwater Parish Council is proud of the services it currently delivers, managing community buildings, and significant land holdings and keeps the village litter free.

The Parish Council staffing levels remain consistent with that of other larger Local Authorities to meet the needs and deliver the community’s aspirations for the future.

The Team is working hard to deliver the community’s vision, develop a Neighbourhood Plan, enhance the community building provision and leisure facilities and are underway in relation to a complete review of the Southwater Leisure Centre. There will also be a focus on working more closely with the community and local businesses by improving the Councils website; this is due shortly".

Councillor Watkins went on to say "Parish Councillors and Staff are committed to delivering the best service for Southwater residents who are welcome and encouraged to attend the Council meetings which are publicised on the Council’s website Once again our focus this year, will be on improving the much loved Christmas Event and our use of social media to improve communications with our residents too".


For further information contact:

Mrs Catherine Tobin, Parish Clerk on 01403 733202.

Council Staff

The Parish Council is very concerned to see some communication directed towards individual members of staff on social media with individuals named.

The Clerk is an impartial employee of the Council and carries out with her team instructions issued by the Council, and as such, they are entitled not to be individually named or harassed in their workplace or via social media.

Should residents have individual concerns regarding a decision of the Council, then this should be addressed to The Clerk to the Council, Beeson House, 26 Lintot Square, Southwater, West Sussex RH13 9LA or by email to:  The Clerk will ensure that Councillors are made aware of these concerns.


Upkeep and maintenance of new and exisitng community facilities

As residents are aware a wide range of facilities have been provided via new housing developments .

This has provided significant benefit for the community, in terms of land, buildings, play areas and natural woodland. The Parish Council has recently reviewed in light of reduce funding streams from partner organisations, the standards of maintenance of these facilities. It is important that the safety, repair and appearance of these facilities are maintained to standards that reflect legal obligations and the community’s desired aspirations.

Examples of the sort of upkeep that a maintenance resource would undertake include:-

  •   Play Areas – removal of moss, painting of equipment general maintenance
  •   Footpaths – improvements to the cutting back of such areas and surface repairs to mainta public access
  •   Planted areas – improved flower beds in central areas such as Old Railway Embankment
  •   Ponds – improved maintenance of ponds to encourage wildlife

In order to achieve and maintain the standards we set and to meet our legal obligations the Parish Council is considering the creation of a mobile maintenance resource to achieve this. In addition, this resource will be able to respond quickly to reports made by the public, regarding acts of vandalism and, accidental damage requiring emergency repair.

Discussions have been held with neighbouring Parish Councils regarding joint working on a variety of projects including maintenance of land and buildings. If these discussions proceed, it will provide the opportunity for an income stream to support local requirements also.

If the Parish Council proceeds with this initiative, the net cost to residents will be 15 pence per week maximum cost on a Band D property.

Your views on whether you would support the above initiative are welcomed. Please contact us via:

Community Wardens

Several local communities have introduced a Neighbourhood Warden Scheme since 2001, these being successfully operated in Ashington and Pulborough. The role which they undertake is to help tackle challenging anti social behaviour issues as well as building community resilience. There is an opportunity for Southwater to employ two community wardens to undertake this work.

If such a project were to proceed with your support an offer of financial assistance from the District Council has been made to support a two year pilot programme, this would require a financial contribution from Southwater Parish Council in the region of £40,000.

The impact of this would be 18 pence maximum on a Band D property. The District Council will provide a one year funding stream of £30,000 towards the total cost of between £70k-£80k.



Land owned by Southwater Parish Council

The areas marked green is land owned by SPC.


Southwater HNA

The 2011 Localism Act introduced neighbourhood planning, allowing parishes, town councils or neighbourhood forums across England to develop and adopt legally binding development plans for their neighbourhood area.

The final Southwater HNA November 2017 is available below. 

Electoral Review of Horsham: Final Recommendations

The Commission has now completed its review of Horsham.  An interactive map of final recommendations is available at

GP Services - Extended Access Survey 2017

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) plan and buy healthcare services for the local population in your area.

National funding is available from 2018 to improve access to GP services. This includes ensuring that everyone has more convenient access to GP services, including a mixture of same day and routine appointments on weekday evenings after 6.30pm, and at weekends based on local needs. This piece of work is known as ‘delivering extended access to GP services’.

As local CCGs we are currently considering how best to deliver extended access in your area so that it meets the needs of our population, is realistically deliverable within the budget we have been allocated to provide this additional service. There is a national and local shortage of GPs and other clinicians who work in general practice. This means that extended access services could be provided at a venue other than your own surgery and that you may not see your own GP or even a GP from your usual practice.  Should that GP need to access your medical records, your consent will be sought when you book the appointment.

The CCGs would like to find out more about your views on extending access to GP services in the evenings and at weekends.

By completing the survey you have the opportunity to tell us:

  • How likely you are to use GP appointments in the evenings and weekends.
  • The kind of services you might want to use in the evenings and at weekends.
  • Whether you would consider alternatives to face to face consultations.

The link to the survey is

If you have any queries regarding this survey please contact the Primary Care and Community Development Team at NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG/NHS Crawley CCG on  01293 600300 x4138 or send an email to:

Patient Round Up - NHS Crawley and NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG

Latest Weekly Health Network Roundup

Rainfall 20-30mm possibly up to 40mm which may lead to a low risk of flooding from surface water and rivers.**A*appWest Sussex will see heavy rain and wind up to severe gales from 15:00 Wednesday, rain tailing off by 09:00 Thursday and the wind by Midnight Thursday. We could see:*SOUTRainfall 20-30mm possibly up to 40mm which may lead to a low risk of flooding from surface water and rStay in touch with us and like our Facebook & Twitter page

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Guide to Extending or Converting your Home

For advice and expert advice on your building work see more at:

Contact the Elderly 

Contact the Elderly is a charity providing a lifeline of friendship for people aged 75 and over.  Members are invited to a volunteer host’s home for tea with the other members of the group.  They visit a different host each month but the group remains the same and relationships grow.  A warm welcome in a family home provides companionship and a vital link with the community.  This is all free of charge.  Please see poster below for more information

Power cut? Call 105: See our Public Information page for more details. Link to our Public Information Page is here

Do you need to report a problem with a Road, Pavement or Public Right of Way (Footpath)?  Read on........

Southwater residents who want to report a problem with a road (eg pot hole) or pavement (damage, flooded or restricted by vegetation) or any local  public right of way (eg missing sign post or blocked access etc) should use the following links.  More information is on our page ; Road & Pavement : ; Public Right of Way :

Southwater HNA Final November 2017

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Winter Wellness

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Contact The Elderly

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Southwater Parish Council Facebook Policy

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