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THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED : this information is provided as historical information only


Action in Rural Sussex
Action in Rural Sussex, or Airs as it is often called, participates in many programmes, operating projects and services across East and West Sussex. The services include  
working to reduce the incidence and impact of disadvantage and poverty in rural areas; managing change for community benefit; amplifying the voice of local communities in determining public policy and backing needs with research and consultancy.  Airs were very supportive with advice and advocacy in developing the Southwater Action Plan and SWAT to deliver it. 

To get a quick up date on the status of the plan check the Website on Enter Southwater in the Search box and hit Enter.  This takes you to the Southwater page where you will find the actions listed and the current status.

Horsham District Community Partnership
The Horsham District Community Partnership aims to bring together all the organisations and groups that are involved in making decisions that affect the future well-being of the people of Horsham District.   Many issues facing local communities today can only be tackled if everyone works together.  It is important that there is an effective way to enable this.
SWAT is a part this enterprise. through the Rural Towns Forum, which includes Billingshurst, Henfield, Horsham, Pulborough,Storrington and Steyning. 

Core Strategy Review
The Core Strategy Review Consultation Document is called 'Leading Change in Partnership to 2026 and Beyond' and was published for consultation on 4 September 2009. It set out some of the key issues in planning the future of the District and some options for how our development requirements can be met. The Horsham District Core Strategy sets out a framework for planning the future of the District, including how the District Council intends to meet the Governments requirements for development. The existing Core Strategy covers the period to 2018 but we now need to look even further ahead as the Government has approved the South East Plan, which sets out new requirements from 2006 to 2026.
The SWAT responses may be found online, or summarised within the consultations here  To find those associated with Southwater use an appropriate search string.

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