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THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED : this information is provided as historical information only

What is a Community Action Plan?

A Community Action Plan is a parish or town strategy outlining the future vision for a particular community.

Two main types of Community Action Plan exist; these are Parish Action Plans and Market Town Health Checks.

Benefits of a Community Action Plan

  • The community can assess what its residents want or need.

  • It can assist in influencing the organisations / groups servicing your community.

  • Can be used as a tool to attract more external funding to your community

  • It may increase community development skills.

  • The process brings people together, heightens awareness and can increase levels of social inclusion.

  • It increases understanding of local democracy, government structures and responsibilities

  • It enables local people to shape the future of their village.

  • It can be used as reference documents when planning the community strategy.

The Actions are inputted into the Action in rural Sussex Action Plan Database and reports are generated for relevant authorities and Local Strategic Partnerships, who can use the results for their strategic planning.

Parish Design Statement

A new Design Statement based on the Action Plan and other local research is now available.

You will see the document is in two parts - the first half describes the Parish as is (with some background history and contextual description) and implicitly or explicitly the preferred designs, styles and scenes found in Southwater Parish. The second sets out specific Design Guidelines.


Southwater Cycle Network Review

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 4.86 MB

Southwater Action Team Agenda

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 57 KB

SWAT AGM September 13 Advert

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 9 KB

SWAT Insurance

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 362 KB

Southwater Parish Design Statement

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 4.65 MB

Southwater Action Plan Results May 2009

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 1.73 MB

Final Responses Document

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 132 KB

Village Design Statement 1999

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 1.13 MB

Community Partnership Memorandum of Understanding

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 12 KB

Southwater Action Team Constitution

Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF) - 45 KB


Internet document (HTML) - 20 KB


Internet document (HTML) - 10 KB

Meeting Minutes

Microsoft Word Document - 29 KB

Powers and Duties

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