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Southwater's Neighbourhood Plan should be seen as a positive community document.  Residents have had an input through the Parish Survey in 2015 but your views are still welcome.  Get in touch now, or when you see the draft plan.  Have your say and remember, let's work together to plan together!  Your views are therefore vital in putting together the views of the community in relation to, but not excluding, the examples given:-

Social & Community - We would encourage you to think about how you interact within the community with both formal organisations (schools, doctor surgeries etc) and informal organisations (leisure centre, youth club etc).  Are you aware of the contents of the latest Parish Plan (see website for further details)?

Infrastructure - Consider for example whether there is a speeding issue within the parish or indeed a particular area in order that the Parish Council could put forward to the County Council the lowering of speeds limits from 40/50 mph to 30mph.  Consider whether the community requires or will require increased bus services, localised transport provision, or whether there is support for a new A24 bridge providing access to and from Southwater both in terms of walking and cycling.

Heritage - Do you have a copy or have you looked at the current Village Design Statement? This is an important document in preserving the character of the community; would you want this to be significantly changed or improved upon?

Culture - Consider what type of cultural events you may wish to see developed and where these would be best situated.

Economy - Consider the future parking needs of the community in terms of the retail space, would you consider this adequate or would we require more shops and car parking spaces?  Should the community purchase land to provide affordable homes or provide small live work units?

Environment - Consider whether the Plan should try and protect the strategic gap between Horsham and Southwater.  The District Council's proposed strategy will be called a Cohesion Policy; will this protect the coalescence of Horsham and Southwater - two distinct communities?  Do we require more or less street furniture and signage? And if so specify locations.

Whilst the above provide examples, we are sure that you will have a vast range of items you wish us to consider, please feel free to express these in taking part in any of the consultations.

Once finalised and passed by the Inspector, it will be enshrined in the District Council's Planning Framework as a policy, so has to be taken into consideration for any development for Southwater - it simply cannot be ignored. Therefore no suggestion will be discounted, but we would encourage local residents to consider how they would go about implementing the suggestion for example, a sports running track - where would you put that?

Another factor to be considered would be that any large expenditure needs to be paid for via Council Tax, whether this be the Parish, District or County Councils.  This could be used to establish whether the local tax base would be willing to support, for example, a swimming pool within the parish.


Let's work together to plan together

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