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Forthcoming Meeting Dates

Please find below a list of all Parish Council Meetings for 2019

Parish Council meetings are held in the Council Chamber at Beeson House, Lintot Square. Please refer to Agendas for details of the topics to be covered at each meeting.  Please see under Policy Documents the document titled "Standing Orders" appertaining to meetings for the rules and regulations governing participation.

Date Meeting
10/04/19 Finance & General Purposes Committee
17/04/19 Annual Parish Meeting
24/04/19 Full Council
01/05/19 Planning Committee
16/05/19 Annual Parish Council Meeting
05/06/19 Planning Committee
19/06/19 Finance & Geneal Purposes Committee
03/07/19 Planning Committee
17/07/19 Finiance & General Purposes Committee
31/07/19 Full Council

Public Involvement

All meetings of the Council and its committees are open to the public to attend. An agenda item will be included for the public to speak. In all cases, please make yourself known to the Clerk to the Council or other staff member on arrival prior to the commencement of the meeting and advise on which items you wish to speak.  If you wish to raise a question on a specific topic and give us notice of not less than two weeks we may include it int he agenda. 

You can aks questions without notice but we may not be able to respond at the time.  The Chairman of the meeting, on the advice of the Clerk to the Council or other staff member, can reject questions on the basis of improper statement.  A question may be asked for items not on the agenda only if notice has been given by delivering it writing or electronically to the Clerk no later than 12 noon on the day of the meeting. 

Each speaker is limited to two minutes at the meeting and must provide their name.  An address in only required if a request for a written repsonse is made.  The total time allocation to public participation is 15 minutes. Electronic taping or recoridng of any meeting is requested to be notified to us as courtesy.



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