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Risk Management Schedule

Definition of Risk Management Risk is the threat that an event or action will adversely affect an organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives and to successfully execute its strategies.  Risk management is the process by which risks are identified, evaluated and controlled.  It is a key element of the framework of governance together with community focus, structures and processes, standards of conduct and service delivery arrangements.
This document has been produced to enable the Parish Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy itself that it has taken adequate steps to minimise them.  The Council is aware that although some risks can never be eliminated fully, it has in place a strategy that provides a structured, systematic and focuses approach to managing risk, which: 

  • Identifies the key risks facing the council 
  • Identifies what the risk may be 
  • Identifies the level of risk 
  • Evaluates the management and control of the risk and records findings 
  • Reviews, assesses and revises procedures if required.

Southwater Parish Council Risk Management Schedule 2021-2022

Southwater Parish Council Risk Management Schedule 2020-2021

Southwater Parish Council Risk Management Schedule 2019-2020