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Transport and Accessibility Group

Transport in our community and accessibility is of concern to everyone, young and old.  Car ownership and usage in the south east runs at very high levels.  Southwater is fortunate in having a bus service but aspects of this service need developing.  The focus group will address this and other items in the Action Plan. These are contained in the Plan Results published in May 2009. Other key items of concern to people included speeding, cycling improvements, and public and off‐road footpaths.

The representatives of Transport Group met with Mrs Arel McBean, deputy head at the Infants School on 23 February to learn about the successes achieved by parents, children and staff the reduce and control traffic issues around the school.  Walking to school, even from a car parked in Lintot Square, is a proven way to get fit, reduce the carbon footprint AND solve the car congestion around the school gate!  Well done.

When we researched the Action Plan residents stated they were concerned about speeding traffic in Southwater. Now we are doing something to address those concerns. Taking a logical approach we are data collecting. You will see speed gathering devices across the roads. You will see SID in operation. What's SID? Simple: a Speed Indicator Device operated by trained volunteers. We operate in the Worthing Road, in Cripplegate Lane and in Cedar Drive. Why these areas? Because you said that is where there is a speeding problem. To do this on more than a casual basis and to collect useful data we need volunteers to be trained. Please get in touch with the Southwater Action Team , email or call the Parish Office on 733202 to register your interest and concern. 


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