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Protecting Crowded Places From Terrorism

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Protecting Crowded Places From Terrorism

The attack in Berlin is distressing and our thoughts are with everyone affected by these events. For the Horsham Business Community, this is especially concerning because the target was a Christmas market. In the wake of this, HDC Horsham Time Well Spent Events is undertaking a review in relation to counter terrorism measures as we host along with many partners, a range of public events.  Crowded public places like town & city centres, markets and events are a target so we are requesting all businesses, staff and wider stakeholders to:

  • Have an understanding of the potential risks/threats that might occur
  • Be vigilant at all times
  • Dial 101 - for a non emergency concern but 999 if you believe you are witnessing a serious threat
  • Be aware that procedures would need to be implemented should an attack take place for public safety (for example, some attacks may require an immediate lock-down by all businesses in the vicinity);

Relevant parties  will be reviewing and updating the ability to contact businesses, staff and stakeholders in real-time allowing immediate action to be taken should an attack/incident occur.